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We are an adult team hoping to be an example to our kids, family and those around us showing that we can continue do what we enjoy even as adults. We are looking to raise $3,500 to help our team pay for the upcoming 2022 travel 7s to Tennessee here in July. 

We have been established now for 7 years and play several tournaments.  Several of our players come from a Samoan background where rugby is life.  We show our cultural pride through our team binding together for fitness, competition and sportsmanship values. 

We recently participated in the Men's Rugby Division at the end of the season and came out on top. Our hard work and practice paid off. It was such a great time.

Here we ask for your support for the Rugby Club by donating just a small amount of $100 or more that can help us accomplish paying for our team expenses. 

  • Your donation will go towards matching jerseys, banners, and tournament fees.  

  • Your donation will go towards travel accommodations to allow us to travel as a team and stay together. 

  • Your donation will go towards meetings as a team to celebrate wins, boost morals after losses and prepare for future events. 

  • Your logo will be on our website, recognized on rosters and promoted through our social media 

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to have your support. 

Donate through Venmo


Donate through mail:

Salt Lake City Gladiator Rugby Club

5477 W 4700 S

Roy, UT 84064

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