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Bring on the Trappers

The games for the Crossroads Cup continue to show improvement in teams, players and organization. It has been incredible watching teams show up for an opportunity to showcase what different players and teams have to offer from regions all over Utah & more.

*Photo from Utah Warriors Pathway

As the Utah Warriors released the cup standings on November 8th the Wranglers were chomping at the bit to stampede their way into the finals. The lineup for the Crossroads cup put the Salt Lake Wranglers fighting for a place in the top two against the Provo Trappers. It was without a doubt, anyone's game.

The Wranglers were able to work again with Vasa West Valley and Riverbend Sports Complex to practice indoors as the time changed made lighting less than perfect. It takes great relationships with the community through working together to continue being successful and we are grateful that these companies have been willing to work with us.

Before we knew it, Game 3 had quickly approached and the Salt Lake Wranglers lineup was ready to go. They went head to head on Saturday November 12th and was proof that anything is capable of happening in a game.

This game was a highly physical as teams came prepared. Trappers dominated in their scrum with the power of focus and hard work behind it. The improvements from their other games was highly apparent as the scrum for players on the Wranglers is normally a strong point. It was wild to see a new challenge and embrace the areas where they would need to work together improve moving forward. As the Trappers roped in the Wranglers with a 54 to 24 lead, Wranglers took the 3rd place title while Trappers were allowed to move onto the Finals.

Olive Kilifi who was helping with the Provo Trappers & is recognized as the Utah Warriors Selects Assistant Coach, recapped the game saying:

"As far as the game today between the Trappers vs the Wranglers, I thought both sides played very well during the game. Wranglers showed great ball-in-hand skills as well as the ability to improvise and play what's in front of them. Trappers did well in the set piece and attack. Overall, it was a very entertaining game and I hope to see more epic battles between both teams in the coming future."

Moresby Tauiautusa the CEO & Founder of the SLC Gladiators stated

" This is a great opportunity for these boys as long as they are willing to put in the work. It was great to be on the field with them--What happens on the field stays on the field and we go from there."

While Wranglers felt the frustration of a loss, several players recognized that it is opportunities like this that help them improve as long as they are willing to show up and train. It really is about the efforts being made to do better-- Touch Rugby isn't going to make the 15s play strong even though it builds play compatibility but a good heavy practice will keep expanding the skills that we are hoping to see.

"The new Crossroads competition has been a great starting point for teams and players to showcase their abilities and talents this fall. We're excited to see it grow and hopefully become a major breeding ground for talent that'lI hopefully support and feed, not only our local professional team, the Utah Warriors, but our professional league in the US, Major League Rugby. We see players playing in the next level as a major success for what were trying to accomplish, regardless of what team they eventually are contracted too"-O.Kilifi

The next and final game of the Crossroad Cup is set for Saturday November 19th at the Warriors field located at the Zions Bank Stadium.

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