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Wranglers Ride on to Game 2

After a win in the first game of the Crossroads Cup, the Wranglers took to both the gym and the field to prepare for their next game that took place Saturday November 5th. The West Valley Vasa on 5600 West under assistance from Mica was able to let us come in on a snow day to practice, train and recover in their facility. Huge thank you to them and their cooperation, support and continued partnership. It is a great place to train like an athlete or even WITH one.

As the first snow melted, the Wranglers headed back to the field to spread out their line. They took into account their strengths and weakness as they prepped for the upcoming battle.

Even with the frigid air, the men in the Salt Lake Wranglers were looking forward to this game against the Moose which consists of several younger players assisted by the Utah Saints Rugby organization. Both background for the teams/coaches are highly recognized and knew it would be a tough game going into it. These teams bring a lot to Utah Rugby. There is both skill, drive and motivation in these teams.

The energy on the field that day was incredibly powerful and sometimes big headed but the excitement was apparent. They had come prepared to play. It was great to watch. Unfortunately, little errors in the defense and handling, cost the Salt Lake Wranglers the 44-27 loss to the Salt Lake Bull Moose.

It was the first loss for Wranglers in this 4 game series. Some players were left disappointed in how things turned out but as a whole recognized that it is always important to take the loss just as gracefully as the win to continue help improving the team. The team addressed their areas of improvement and left it there on the field.

The Utah Warriors Pathway has provided this opportunity and within it recorded the games for all to see. Below is the full recap of this game at Alpine Burgess Park Field.

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