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Last Game of the Crossroads Cup

It's a great day to play RUGBY! The Salt Lake City Gladiators joined forces with surrounding players, teams and travelers to participate in this growing pathway that the Utah Warriors began this year. It was organized as part of a way to build relationships with local rugby clubs and has been a fine start. The Crossroads Cup would be an opening segment to the Utah Union location once everything is worked out. The set up of this Cup is a big deal for here in the area and everyone looked forward to the finals/opening game.

On Saturday November 19th, those participating with the Salt Lake Wranglers looked to put the finishing touches on a busy 2022 rugby season with the opening game to the Crossroads Cup Finals. The Wranglers went up against the Northern Utah Grey Wolves on the Major League Rugby field and Zions Bank Stadium there in Herriman.

The weather thankfully held up as the state had been seeing snow up to the day of the game. Though it was cold in the shade, the sunshine felt great!

The turnout for the crowd was less than hoped for as the event was lined up with the historical turnout of the Rugby League World Cup Final where Toa Samoa secured 2nd place. Parades around the world were taking place including here in West Valley, Utah celebrating this monumental win as Samoa was the first Pacific Island team to reach the final in World Cup history. Spirits were high, the day was beautiful and there was no better time than being THERE to play and support rugby even though the Wranglers were eaten alive by the Wolves and defeated at 78 to 30. By showing up and playing, it shows that the team is dedicated, understands commitment and is a team that can be dependable. It was a good day.

Furthermore, the Crossroads was such a great opportunity that allowed players to keep doing what they love and start moving things in a positive direction. The way teams came together really says a lot about the continued growth in this region. While things may not be perfect, it is the PERFECT chance to build, grow and unite. Exactly what rugby is all about.

Some of the things recognized and congratulated on the Salt Lake Wranglers:

  1. Willingness to participate

  2. Strong Back line

  3. Dedication

  4. Ball-in-Hand Skills

Recognizing the strong points of the team shows what is being watched for and allows individuals to understand what skills need to be improved without pointing out the negative. The Crossroads Cup has been about opportunity and growth.

A big thank you to Utah Warriors Pathway for the opportunity and Saia Uhila as the Crossroads Cup Competition Chairman. We appreciate this opportunity, support it as Salt Lake City Gladiators and look forward to seeing what next year brings.

Watch the replay HERE:

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