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2022 Gladiator Schedule

If you have been waiting patiently for the Salt Lake City Gladiator Rugby Club schedule to be released, you're in luck! The club has announced their 2022 schedule and marking it 7 seasons played to date.

Hold onto your hats! Before we break down this year's schedule we want to put out a good word to forever Gladiator, Joe Mano, listed in spot #23 as he goes into preparations for the Utah Warriors vs Seattle Seahawks Rugby match today at Zions Bank Stadium at 8pm.

Starting the season off strong, as you remember the Gladiators started their play time in Portland as they went up against the Tacoma Nomads. We look forward to hosting them in our home state in the upcoming months.

We have been working with the Regional Athletic Complex and Visit Salt Lake to bring the best fan experiences to games. The Regional Athletic Complex is at 2280 Rose Park Ln, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. This will be the first year that Gladiators play on this larger field instead of local, open parks. We hope to make this an annual occurrence as we seek the best growth.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these dates:

  • Game 1: Friday May 6th Gladiators vs Provo Steelers Field opens at 6pm Kickoff at 7pm

  • Game 2: Saturday June 4th Eastside Tsunami vs Gladiators Field opens at 10am Kickoff at 11am.

  • Game 3: Saturday Aug 6th Tacoma Nomads Vs Gladiators once again the field will open at 10 am with kickof at 11am

and Game 4 remains a mystery. Any clubs interested in filling this date please feel free to reach out at

That goes for our match schedule. Our tournaments look just as busy.


Starting on Saturday May 7 they will be going up against local talent for the Utah 7s Showcase at the Zions Bank Stadium from 5pm-7pm.

Make sure to get your tickets at


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