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After winning their first two matches and having an insane draw, the Salt Lake City Gladiators took a fall to the Honey Bees with a score at 34 to 24 for their first loss of the year.

It is a great wake up call for the team to take a look at what they need to work on going further into the rest of the year. Fixing those issues is simple to do especially sitting at only 2nd in the Utah Men's Premiership League.

We still played well but we can do BETTER. There were issues we can resolve and opportunities that were missed.


The Gladiators are determined to find their flow and normally by the second half the team is pushing hard get tries. This team is resilient! Let's keep making sure we are on the same page, sticking to the game plan and watching for any opportunity that comes available.

Gladiators are strong, resilient, relentless and ready to come back fighting for another win. With determination to do better, the team will grow and be better!

They will play again on Saturday June 19th at 10 AM at the Lehi field.

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