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Defend the Peach Bowl

On Thursday Sept 9th, both Men's and Women's teams for the Salt Lake City Gladiators rallied up and traveled to Grand Junction Colorado for the Peach Town Scrum Down 10's Tournament hosted by 4 Corners Rugby Academy.

The men's division, Gladiator Strong, have won the Peach Bowl associated with the Peach Town Scrum Down Tournament for the past years, 2019 and 2020. Games were set to start early Friday morning with as many as 12 men's teams registered and 6 women's teams.

Come Friday morning, everyone was either tired or anxious to defend the peach. The first game started later that afternoon against the Utah Club Rugby Honey Bees.

The new system Utah Club Rugby had allowed several people back home to watch live and catch the

end results of a 19-21 Honey Bees game. Good start, but Gladiators wasn't going to let that fly. They came back swinging. Game 2 against the Palisades Griffins gave the men a win at 21-12 Gladiators. It was a tough break for Friday. One major injury landed Scrumhalf #9, Kome Tomasi, in the emergency room for an x-ray on his ankle.

The Wonder Women had shown up ready to play but unfortunately several other women's teams didn't show up leaving the women to wait for another opportunity.

Saturday, the first game was once again against the Honey Bees with Gladiators beating the Honey Bees down at 32-7.

Final game of the day was against the Palisade Griffins. Gladiators take the WIN!

Gladiators defend the Peach Bowl from the Peach Town Scrum Down 10's Tournament for the THIRD year in a ROW! Gladiators were able to keep the Peach Bowl in their club reign for another year. Congratulations to Joseph Soochoon for Backline MVP and Viking Wohongi for Front MVP.

Rafe Mano has been an excellent coach for this tourney and look forward to more wins under his leadership.

Thank you to 4 Corners Rugby Academy for this great tournament that we look forward to each year and allowing us to participate. We can't wait to see what next year brings.


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