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Gladiators Combine for XV Series

The Salt Lake City Gladiators is expanding the reach of their talent by participating in the XV Series organized through Utah Club Rugby and open to anyone interested in being involved.

What IS the XV Series?

XVSERIES™ is a USA based non-profit program with a goal to develop and support amateur American rugby athletes, referees and support staff while providing a recognizable pathway of development, enabling progression to professional, elite league or national representation while still managing to retain both club, regional and professional identity.

It fosters and promotes links with USA rugby organizations and regional clubs, who have the collective goal of developing USA eligible players.

The XV Series system is purposely set up to keep players, officials and administration in the game as frequently as possible while helping develop skills, provide opportunities and help those involved continue their rugby journey.

Gladiators are highly sought for and recognized for their capabilities as well as abilities to play as a strong team. Moresby Tauiautusa has stepped up to the task of helping get his club involved and continues to provide the Gladiators as many opportunities as possible to keep progressing.

For the first game of this developing series in Utah, Rex Tasilimu, Danny Tauiautusa and Wally Seupole joined the travel team to Glendale, Colorado where they went head to head with the American Raptors.

Rex was listed as #1 on the roster, Danny was set as the Vice Captain and set the first try of the game on the scoreboard.

It was a tough match against the American Raptors. They physicality and organization of the competing team was difficult to match as this team is on the field preparing twice a day throughout the whole week But it was a great start to something amazing here in Utah.

The Utah Club Rugby Bees now knows what they have in store for upcoming XVSERIES games and they have hit the ground running ready to amp up their skills and keep getting better.

As Salt Lake City Gladiators, we were happy to see our Gladiator players along with Moresby Tauiautusa and Lindsey Tasilimu listed on the recognition roster. Keep up the good work!

We are GLADIATORS. We are set for greatness.

We want to express our gratitude to the American Raptors for hosting us in Glendale, CO. Thank you for an awesome weekend. We deeply appreciate the hospitality from the field, the transition of helping us to get out there as well as the after game meal for social activities and recognition between the two programs. We thank all those involved on and off the field. As we continue to build out our program here in Utah, we hope to keep the same vision and goals you have inspired to put on good clean games with players playing at a higher level of competition and continue developing them for futures on a professional level.

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