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Gladiators Goes to Portland

The Salt Lake City Gladiator Strong jumped on the opportunity to go against the Tacoma Nomads Saturday April 9th. Van at the ready this senior men's club traveled the 12 hours to test out new talent and make an impact.

Portland is full of green and that's where we start. On the field, we started the score board off with the first try but missed the kick, 5-0. It was a back and forth game since the beginning keeping the scores close. By halftime we were up three points, 17-14. What an intense time!

Going into the second half we scored twice and had one kick converted, Missed a penalty but we were leading 29-14. As the last 7 minutes of the game approached the Tacoma Nomads pressed the Gladiators sneaking in 2 tries, 1 kick by them was missed. And like that the Gladiators end the game with the win. It was impressive! Intense game and always worth it to meet fellow rugby family.

We appreciate the commitment from both teams as they look to improve their skills, strength and share the love of the game. Unfortunately, the second scheduled game was forfeited due to lack of players allowing Gladiators to tally a win for their season. After the game, both teams had the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other better. With food, everyone is happy.

Rugby is about strong connections and building unity. Rugby brings the best of camaraderie, teamwork, and creativity between players of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. This beautiful game is accessible to everyone, big to small, men and women, and every ethnicity and upbringing imaginable. It inspires selflessness and cooperation through play. Teamwork is everything and no one is more important than another.

This is what makes rugby so grand. Thank you Tacoma Nomads for having us and we look forward to hosting you here in Utah. Until then, stay strong, #GladiatorStrong!

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