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Gladiators Handed the Win

Friday April 16th was the first game of the season for the Gladiators. It was an intense back to back game against the Saints.

The Gladiators fought a tough battle with scores flip flopping the entire time played. It was kept close by some great comebacks and awesome defense. Some solid rucks and utilizing the back line allowed the team to keep pushing the Saints into a frenzy.

After a close call, the Saints called it and walked off the field providing the win to go to the Gladiators. Coaches were proud of the Gladiators conduct and tough playing. They look forward to seeing what the rest of the season has to offer.

Another big win off the field took place this weekend for the team fundraiser. Over $1,000 was raised from 3 donations and Oka sales.

We truly appreciate the support with the Gladiators as we start off the 2021 Season STRONG!

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