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Gladiators look to the Future

If you were at the meetings this weekend, you will know that the Gladiators have a big vision in mind for the 2021 Season.

The Salt Lake Gladiator Rugby Club has goals set that will make this an outstanding TEAM and it takes everyone's commitment. If you want to see great things, you have to DO great things.

While there are some changes taking place, it is for the best.

The Gladiator Team and members will have dues to be paid. As you agree to participate with the Gladiator Rugby Club, you will support the team and that includes paying dues.

Make sure to commit to attending practices. Getting out and being with your team creates a better bond, better plays and a successful year as we aim to win the season league this year and be involved with both the 7s and 10s tournaments. That is just within our league! There is so many other opportunities ahead of us.

We hope that every Gladiator player makes it to the league select team every other week and eventually is chosen for the Warriors Select Team. Our goals are set high enough to where Gladiator players can be seen and represent with the Pro Utah Warriors team.

Our Vision is set HIGH! Are you ready to WIN?

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