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Makings of a Gladiator: STRONG

The Salt Lake City Gladiator Rugby Club is home to some of the quickest growing and expanding rugby athletes. From Logan Tago, Fereti Lepolo,Cumorah Saulala, Joe Mano, Siaki Iosefa, and Ioane Ioane; these boys' stories all began somewhere.

Logan Tago

Logan recently made headlines as he was listed among the Dubai 7s Squad playing as part of the USA team. Big things have been happening for Logan.

A few years back, Gladiators had a game with Antelope at the Centennial Park where people from the Warriors happened to be in the crowd. At that time, several Gladiators players were recognized for their talent with Logan being one of them. Like it states on the Warriors website:

"Logan Tago, a first-year center for the Utah Warriors, is from Fagasa, Samoa. Logan went to Washington State University from 2015-2020 and was a four-year defensive end and linebacker on their football team.
In 2019, Logan attended a Seattle Seahawks minicamp and played in the final pre-season match. He also signed with the Montreal Alouettes for the 2020 Canadian Football League season, but the season was canceled due to COVID-19. Logan played with the Salt Lake City Gladiators rugby team, which led to his signing with the Utah Warriors Selects in the Fall. Logan was one of seven Selects players to be moved up to the main roster in the 2021 Warriors season."

Congratulations Logan in your continued success!

Siaki Iosefa & Fereti Lepolo

Siaki "Jack" Iosefa & Fereti Lepolo were recently listed on the November 20th Selects roster for the Warriors against Legacy Rugby. The final score ended at 36 Warriors Select to 20 L. egacy. With their hard fought victory, these boys end out the Selects Season on a high note.

Cumorah Saulala, Joe Mano, & Ioane Ioane

Cumorah, Joe & Ioane started out 2019 and 2020 recognized with the Utah Warriors on their Selects teams. Due to injuries, unfortunately some had to step down. Their love for rugby continues to be apparent as the continue to work with Salt Lake City Gladiator Rugby Club or Utah Warriors.

Cumorah remains on the 2021 Warrior Selects lineup

Joe was rescognized this year for the "Pathway Player of the Year award with the Warriors and is recognized on their website:

Joe Mano, a first-year winger for the Utah Warriors, is from Lauli’i, Pago Pago, American Samoa. Joe started playing rugby in American Samoa in 2008 at local tournaments like Laulii MoliOleAva. In 2013 he moved to Alaska and played for Alaska Green Dragons until 2017 when was invited to play for Tulsa RFC. Leading up to his time with the Warriors, Joe took the field for multiple other teams like the SoCal Griffins, Stars Rugby 7s, Talavalu, and the SLC Gladiators. Joe participated in the 2020 Selects development team season before being added to the Utah Warriors roster for the 2021 MLR season.

Ioane started playing rugby in high school in Samoa where he was born and raised. In Feb 2012, he served a mission in Las Vegas, NV. 2 weeks after his return home to Samoa, he moved to Utah there in 2014. From there he found the Gladiators and began playing in 2015. Ioane had the privilege of being selected for the Utah 7's Select in 2016 and won the Championship for the USA National 7's in Colorado. His love for rugby continued with having the opportunity to be part of the Utah 15's Select but never played due to an injury. With recovery, he continues to play with the Gladiators.

Gladiators have continue to have the makings of greatness and look forward to recognizing their players on and off the field.

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