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Mountain West 10's Series

Mountain West 10s Rugby Series

Objective: To create a venue for rugby teams in the mountain west to compete during a time where restrictions have made it difficult for teams to compete on other platforms.


  1. Antelope Island

  2. Boise United

  3. Portneuf Valley

  4. Salt Lake City Gladiators

Series Structure:

Duration – 5 weeks (Saturday, Sep 19th – Oct 17th)

4 Teams – Each team host one tournament.

Winners – 1st Place: Corona Cup / 2nd Place: COVID Shield / 3rd Place: Rona Bowl

Series winners shall be decided by the following: 1st) by totally series points, if tied 2nd) by most wins throughout the series, if tied 3rd) most points scored throughout the series, if tied 4th) dual winners will be declared.

Scoring – Series scoring. At each tournament, a team can win points by placing. The team with the most points at the end of the 4 tournaments will be crowned the winner.

1st Place4 Points2nd Place2 Points3rd Place1 Point4th Place0 Points


Rosters (players per match): To limit the amount of player rotation into an individual game, only 15 players can participate in a single match – 10 starters 5 subs. However, to help coaches spread playing time across their teams, each team can have up to two squads (ie. A and B / 1st and 2nd) for the tournament. All rosters/squads must be submitted prior to the tournament. This does not mean that certain players can’t play on both squads. Changes in the roster during the tournament are only allowed when there are player injuries or cards. Finals Exception: For teams that make it to the Final they can select 17 players by adding two more players to an existing roster. Coaches cannot completely change either of their rosters for the final.

Subbing: Unlimited subbing will be allowed within the 15 players that are selected for each match. Subs must check in through the ref or check-in table to enter and exit the field.

Cards: If a yellow card is given it will be the traditional 2 minutes of sin bin. If a Red Card is given then the minimum punishment is for the remainder of the tournament. The maximum punishment being the full series. If there is a question on the judgement and severity the decision for punishment will defer to the four admins: Amilkar, Willie, Zundel, and Moresby. If need a tie breaker, the referee issuing the card will be the decider.

Pool Play: Each team will play each other once during pool play. In pool play ties will be counted as draws – no overtime. Once pool play has been completed each team will be seeded and placed in the tournament format. Seeding will be first determined by wins, it there is a tie it will go from point differential, to most points scored, and lastly team with the fewest penalty cards. If there is still at tie the higher seed will be given to the team that has traveled the furthest for that particular tournament.

Seeding Breakdown: Seeding will be ranked as follows: 1st) by wins, if tied 2nd) by point differential, if tied 3rd) most points scored, if tied 4th) team that has traveled the furthest to that particular tournament.

Brackets: The first semi-final will be between the 1st and 4th seed. The second semi-final will be between the 2nd and 3rd seed. The losers of the semi-final will play for 3rd. The winners of the semi-finals will play in the Final for 1st and 2nd place.

Playoff Overtime: If a match is tied at the end of regulation the teams will be allowed a single overtime period of 10 minutes to decide the winner. If the match is still tied at the end of the overtime period, the match will be decided with a drop goal shoot out.

Shoot Out:  Each team will select five individuals. The team that makes the most of the five kicks will win the match. If, after five pairs of kicks, an equal number have been scored by each team the shootout proceeds to sudden death. Each player on the field must kick before a player receives their second (or additional) chance to shoot. Kicks will be drop goals taken from any angle as long as they are behind the 22-meter line closest to the goal.

Confirmed Schedule:

September 19th – Antelope Island (West Valley. UT)

September 26th – Boise United (Boise, ID)

October 3rd – Bye Weekend

October 10th – Salt Lake Gladiators (West Valley, UT)

October 17th – Portneuf Valley (Pocatello, ID)

Tournament Host Responsibilities:

  • Venue

  • Referees

  • Social (optional)

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