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OOh Tough Game

Utah Brothers Misfits are a tough team, who has their game plan down. The Gladiators came prepared to go hard this past Saturday and both teams definitely brought their "A" game.

The Utah Brothers Misfits have always been a tough team for the Gladiators which makes a game with these boys that much better. If you weren't there Saturday, you definitely missed out. At the half Gladiators were sitting at 13 to the Misfits at 26. 10 minutes into the second half and the Misfits still had the upper hand with some great plays putting them at Misfits 38- Gladiators 13!

The Gladiators fought together and brought it in to 41 and Misfits 38 at the last few minutes! MAN, can you say INTENSE GAME!

Congratulations Gladiators! Thank you for the great game Misfits! Until next time.

Next game is Saturday May 22 at the same field in Lehi from Noon to 2pm against the Provo Steelers. Check out some live feeds and details from the League page at

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