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Preparing for the 2022 Season

The Salt Lake City Gladiator Strong have jumped head first into the 2020 season beginning in March with indoor practices at the Riverbend Sport Complex and now that the weather is improving they have intensely stayed on top of their fitness at the Oquirrh Park.

Gladiators enter into their 7th season and their first game for 2022 begins in Portland, Oregon on Saturday April 9th at 10 am at Fernhill Park against the Eastside Tsunami. A second game proceeds it at 2 pm against the Tacoma Nomads.

" We are excited about the upcoming season and the variety of options we have provided the team this year. We are confident that this year is going to be bigger and better than ever and the fan experience will continue to expand" said Coach Moresby Tauiautusa as preparations for this week continues to play out.

Other notable events for the team include their first home game at the Regional Athletic Complex on Friday May 6th at 6pm, an opening showcase with the Utah Warriors Rugby on May 7th at 5pm and a tournament scheduled by the Utah Steelers, another local rugby club looking to build things in Utah.

Stay tuned to see how things go with the Salt Lake City Gladiators and what's next for the 2022 season.

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