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Strength & Honor

Being a Gladiator is more than winning or losing. It is about the honor of being on the field. To feel the adrenaline as the game begins to start and recognizing the heart of an entire team dedicated to success. Not just success in playing but success in discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork and group support. This team is a family. We need to act as such. Each family has their moments, arguments and issues, but they get over it. The strength of a family comes through love, patience and appreciation.

Our love of Rugby brings us together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to play, improve and keep building. While there have been things that need fixed, we know what it is and can continue to make those changes. We express our gratitude to the Utah Men's Premiership for all the hard work, time and devotion they have put into providing us a League that we can all be proud of. Thank you to Sila and Richard for starting something that will lead to great things. We are excited to see what the next season brings. Thank you to the Utah Rugby Referee Society for coming out and overseeing our games. Thank you to Pres Villiamu, Coach Spider and Iaofi for all the hard work you put into this team. We want the best for the best!

When Gladiators get together it is one mind, adaptation to the environment, able to perceive power and victory where our opponents never thought possible. It is our duty to keep our minds sharp, conditioned through routine, practice, and perseverance. Repetition and endless execution makes us victorious. After all our hard work, dedication and growth, we can proudly walk onto that field knowing we are not just a person but a GLADIATOR.

Be GLADIATOR STRONG in everything that you do. You never know who is watching.

Take the time this Saturday July 10th at 5pm to support the Honey Bees and Provo Steelers as they go on to the Finals representing the Utah Men's Premiership on the Utah Warriors' home field at Zion's Bank Stadium in Herriman, UT. I'm sure it will be a day for the books.

Purchase tickets at

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