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Supporting Toko Uso in Rugby

This past weekend the Men's division of the Salt Lake City Gladiators Rugby Club joined several other rugby clubs to celebrate the Tongan Flag Day. It was a great opportunity to celebrate our roots and enjoy playing outside the normal season. The Gladiators are extremely grateful that 30 of their members took the opportunity to play in this event. While it was a roasting 98 degrees this past weekend, the Gladiator Strong had a good time playing. It was a powerful sight to see the Gladiators and Saints start the Festival off by bringing the flags to the field for both the US & Tongan National Anthem.

If you are a fan of Rugby, you'll notice that these players take pride in where they have come from.

Fun Fact:

The flag of Tonga consists of a red field with a white canton charged with a red cross. It was adopted in 1875 after being officially enshrined into the nation’s constitution. The constitution actually stipulates that the national flag can never be changed.

You can find the Tongan flag adorned on the Tongan Rugby League jerseys. The Tongan team has since become a bit of a powerhouse. Officially known as the 4th best team in the world while their Rugby Union team comes in at 13th but has become famous for their version of the Hakka.

Gladiator Strong played in 3 games this weekend, learning weak spots, finding their power plays and recognizing their capabilities. We thank them for their devotion and hope to keep providing them opportunities to keep playing the game we all love!

Congratulations to the Provo Steelers for winning the Tongan Flag Day Tournament.

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