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The Final Gladiator Home Game

On Saturday August 6th the Salt Lake City Gladiator Rugby Club set up at the Salt Lake Regional Athletic complex for their final Gladiator scheduled 15s for the 2021-2022 season alongside the Utah Saints Rugby.

After days of rain, we were unsure of how it would turn out but the weather cooperated and ended up being the perfect day.

Cumorah Saulala, a past Gladiator and now Saint, said

"Gladiators are always a very physical team, but this game we also got to see their backline flair as they were able to break our defense several times out wide. It's good to see them adding that layer into their game as well."
He continues to say, " We were happy to hold them [Gladiators] scoreless for the first few minutes or so, but they found our [Saints] weakness and took advantage..."

The Gladiators and Saints continue to build a strong rugby relationship and make for a great end of season game. These clubs contain incredible talent and it is great to see them continuing to do what they love.

Big thank you to the team at Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex for providing the field and increasing the play opportunity. There was incredible food from Haole T's Food Truck and end of game words from the Gladiators' team captain, Jason Toeava;

"First thing first, thanks to the man above that we made it through the game without any serious injured. Second, thanks to the Saints for coming out and put on a good fight against the Gladiators... Winning against the Saints doesn't mean [that] we are perfect in the game of rugby. We have a lot to work on as a team mentally and physically. As far as the game, the boys play well as individuals. We had a full team show up to play. "
Jason continues to express gratitude as he says, " Big thanks to our coach Rafe Mano for all the work he put in on all the boys that show up at the game and make it easy for all of us. We deserve the win so on to the next thank you"

With that, we want to make sure to thank our sponsors, Tusa Pest Control, Simple Chiropractic and BeMee LLC for spending their time to support a local non-profit organization. Check out these incredible sponsors with their details included below. It is by working together with the event provider, the teams and coaches that this event was successful.

With a good back and forth game, we end this 15s season at 56 Gladiators and 36 Saints.

Congratulations to Backline Junior Tafa and Forward Pita Semeane Pese for being awarded the Tusa Player of the game award. Each of them received $100 for their hard work.

Simple Chiropractic:

Tusa Pest Control:


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