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Tied Up

What is the chance that we would go into this past match with a TIE?

When last Saturday, May 22nd's game started, the Gladiators were behind. It looked like the Steelers were going to take the game. The ball was lost a few times. The Gladiators were still trying to figure out their groove in the first half.

And then WHAM! The Gladiators came back swinging. The last pass, Steelers tackled a Gladiator out at before the try line---The Gladiators fought hard with the Steelers bringing their match to a draw. It was tied up at 34-34.

Did you know:

Draws are rare at Rugby World Cups. Only three times in the 32-year history of the tournament have teams finished level after 80 minutes in a knockout match, most famously in the finals of 1995 and 2003. There have been only three drawn games in the pool stages too.

Man, what a game!

There are clearly a few obvious factors that can be attributed to the game and we look forward to working those out this week at practice. Gladiators are always looking for ways to improve their skills and bring it up a notch.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Saifoloi "Oli" Tauiautusa for being recognized as the Player of the Game and Gordon "Fano" Moe for representing that Back Line. Great game, gentlemen!

Tips on how to Pass Well:

  1. Always have eyes on the ball

  2. Avoid distractions on the pitch

  3. Practice to have better hand-eye coordination (Click here for 4 easy drills to improve hand-eye coordination)

Remember to push yourself as hard as possible in drills, scrimmages, and practice. Rugby requires full body strength, and the best way to develop your strength is simply by playing rugby. This activates you muscles the way they need to activate in a game, but you won't get the benefits if you're only giving 50% at practice.

This weekend is Memorial Weekend and while we don't have a game, we will still be working hard to prepare for the next one! Gladiator Strong!

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